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Kris and Ron continually make an effort to keep adding new material to the website, but a little thing called "our jobs" tend to get in the way. Plus, we need time to play with our cars, too. We have so much to add, but free time limits things.

We need a few good buffs to help us compile and publish new content on Here's a few way that you can help:

Have you seen our "Alumni" section, People in Cobra History? We have compiled hundreds of names and would like to publish short biographies of as many people as possible...those folks that contributed to the birth and success of the Cobra.
If you have a good library and like to research history, we invite you to submit a brief capsule of information...two or three paragraphs... and, ideally, a small portrait picture or two... of your favorite people from the glory days. Author credit will be given to all published submissions.

We will begin to publish Feature Articles about history, cars and people and invite submissions from our friends here on We would like to start doing spotlight articles on specific cars; we have a few in the works now. We just might have the chronicle of a CSX2000 restoration, with pictures coming up soon. If you would like to write an article about any related Cobra topic, please let us know.

We will be covering SAAC-32 in detail this July. If you attend a Cobra event, show or track, why not write up a quick report and submit it with pictures? Remember, always identify the cars that you encounter at these events. Maybe a quick interview with the owner might make a fine standalone article.

Finally, our Infobase is a long-term project for documentation and information on originality. Kris and Ron are doing the compilation. If you see a section or detail topic that you feel well-versed in, jot down some notes and submit them for inclusion. This can be a collaborative effort; your personal knowledge and expertise in specific areas can help build this knowledgebase.

Tell us what you would like to do...  contact us today and help make the best original Cobra resource online.

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