This is CSX2260, An Original 289 FIA race Cobra. These were built originally to dominate and win the FIA World Manufacturers Championship in 1964. There were originally five built (CSX2259,CSX2260,CSX2323,CSX2345, CSX2301). These cars all had modified bodywork mainly to allow wider wheels and tires to be fitted. These modifications included flared front and rear fenders. In order to accommodate the flared rear fenders, all cars had a  "cutback" door to allow the body lines to flow smoothly around the rear wheel opening and door. All the FIA Cobras had a different color stripe on the nose. This was so that team members could recognize the cars on the track. All cars were Viking Blue. In order for the FIA cars to compete, They had to be modified to follow the FIA rules , obviously. In the picture above, you can see the "dimples" in the trunk lid. These "dimples were placed in the trunk lid in order to allow a piece of luggage to fit in the luggage compartment. Normally this would not have been a problem, except these cars were outfitted with 37 gallon fuel tanks. So to make everything fit, the trunk lid were dimpled. 




Some key FIA features in the picture to the right are: the 6 spoke FIA pin drive wheels. The forward braced rollbar. The cutback doors can also be seen. The gadget on the door is known as a "meatball light". It was used in order to see the cars number when running at night. The FIA Cobras also had side exhaust which did not penetrate the body. The gas cap is placed off to the right side of the rear cowl. It is a quick opening flip-up gas cap. FIA cars also had to run full windscreens, rather than the short racing windscreens normally used. In order to cheat the wind a little, the windscreens were laid back more than the street cars. All the cars had the same hood scoop built in.





This is an excellent view of CSX2260's interior. Notice the dash layout. It is all business. All gauges are Stewart Warner units. The critical gauges were placed in clear view for the driver. The speedometer is placed off to the far right, out of site of the driver. All the interior paneling was painted black, including the dashboard as opposed to street cars having all surfaces upholstered.




All photos courtesey of Jim Maxwell

CSX2260 debuted to the world at the Daytona Continental on 2/16/64 as #15 driven by Jo Schlesser and Jean Guichet. CSX2260 did not finish the race. However in the very next race at Augusta, GA driven by the master Ken Miles, CSX2260 was 1st overall. Following the 1964 season, CSX2260 and CSX2301 were sold to Radford Racing for $7500 each. The 1965 season only lasted two races for 2260 and 2301.